Our Team

Gerry Parrott, P.Geo., QPESA| Founder

Gerry has more than 25 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry. His principal expertise is evaluating the findings from site investigations and providing well-reasoned, practical guidance to senior staff and clients. Gerry has provided oversight for technical projects, expert opinion services to the legal community, served as senior report reviewer for projects across Canada, and has been qualified as an expert witness.

Julia Pejic, B.A.Sc.

Julia has over 10 years of experience in site assessment and remediation with a specialty in conducting phase one environmental site assessments. She resourcefully manages Canada wide client portfolios assessing a variety of property types, from parkland to industrial, for due diligence purposes and in support of Record of Site Conditions. Julia executes projects with a client focused mindset, open dialogue, and knowledge of the unique objectives of each project.

Kerry-Anne Pumphrey, M.Sc., EP, P.Geo.

Kerry-Anne has over 15 years experience managing contaminated sites and client portfolios across Canada. She has extensive experience with subsurface impacts caused by petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, heavy metals, and road salts, and routinely uses statistical data analysis to assess plume stability and to support long-term monitoring programs. Kerry-Anne understands client business drivers and effectively communicates complicated projects to stakeholders.

Nawshad Mohsin, Ph.D, P.Eng. QPESA I Senior Engineer

Nawshad has over 18 years of extensive experience in the environmental consulting industry and specifically, the contaminated sites sector. Clients include commercial and industrial companies, developers and government agencies. He has been responsible for scoping and overseeing all phases of environmental site assessment and remediation projects, evaluating and delineating subsurface contaminants, designing remediation and risk management plans, and providing overall technical guidance.

Pierre Maheux, MSc, FGAC, QPESA, P.Geo. | Senior Geoscientist

Pierre is a professional geoscientist with 35 years of experience including more than 25 years consulting in environmental geoscience across Canada and internationally. His expertise is the assessment of risk associated with contaminants and the design and execution of site assessment programs, risk management plans, and remediation programs. Pierre has been qualified as an expert witness and has years of experience in insurance claim support.

Raymond Baksi, BES | Senior Project Director, Partner

Raymond has nearly 15 years of experience managing environmental investigations, remediations and risk management from small residential fuel oil spills to portfolios for national corporations. He has extensive experience in soil, groundwater and subsurface vapour assessments for contaminates ranging from petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents to heavy metals. Raymond is mindful of client business drivers and able to provide fiscally practical staged solutions to each unique project.

Ron McKee, M.Sc., P.Eng., QPESA | Senior Engineer

With more than 40 years of consulting experience, Ron is a veteran, and a qualified expert witness, in the fields of environmental engineering and hydrogeology. He has been responsible for environmental site assessment, remediation, and risk management projects across Canada and internationally. Particular expertise has been developed with contaminants including petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, heavy metals, pesticides and coal tar.

Ray Hyde, B.Sc., EP, Senior Project Director

Ray Hyde has more than 34 years of experience directing environmental assessment, risk management and remediation projects throughout Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta for petroleum, industrial, transportation and property development sector companies, as well as for various levels of government. His primary roles have been to provide direction, senior oversight, report review and technical guidance. Ray has worked for several national and international clients providing well reasoned advice in achieving appropriate resolutions for their environmental matters.

Harriet Phillips, Ph.D. QPRA | Senior Risk Assessor, Associated Professional

Harriet has more than 22 years experience in conducting human health and ecological risk assessments (HHERAs) across Canada and internationally. She has extensive experience on HHERAs for a number of different sectors including industrial and commercial contaminated sites, mining, natural gas-fired generating stations, and nuclear generating stations. She has experience in liaising with regulators such as Health Canada, Environment Canada, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), and Provincial agencies, and has peer reviewed many risk assessments on behalf of First Nations, lawyers, regulatory agencies, and the private sector.

Tony Missiuna, P.Eng. QPESA,  Associated Professional

Tony has over 35 years of environmental investigation experience which have ranged from small residential fuel oil releases to large multimillion dollar, 1000 acre industrial properties requiring assessment and remediation. As a recognized expert in the environmental field, he has been retained as an expert witness and testified in court regarding a petroleum hydrocarbon file. Particular areas of expertise include investigation and remediation related to petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents.